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An oral piercing is a term for any perforation of the tongue, lips or cheek for jewelry purposes. These have become trendy in many social circles. If you are wondering whether you should get an oral piercing, you should be aware of all the facts. Here are some possible risks:

-Infection: Jewelry can be the means for foreign bacteria entering your mouth, boosting the danger of infection.

-Excessive bleeding: If a blood vessel is punctured during your piercing, you may experience prolonged bleeding and blood loss.

-Pain and Swelling: Prolonged pain and swelling are actually pretty frequent side effects of oral piercings. In extreme situations, swelling of the tongue may close your breathing airways. If this is the case, go to the ER quickly.

-Oral Injury: The scratching of metal against your gums, tongue or teeth can result in cracks, chips bleeding or gum recession.

-Decreased Oral Function: Jewelry can prompt salivary glands to become overactive, which can, in turn, impede how you speak, chew and swallow.

We at Lexington Heights Dental do not want to interfere with your sense of individuality, but considering the dangers of oral piercings, we counsel you to find another way to make a fashion statement. If you do decide to get the piercing, please understand that you can always contact Dr. John Lohner and the rest of our staff at Lexington Heights Dental at the first hint of any oral problem. We are located in Cedar Hills, Utah and our phone number is 801-756-2006.