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When should you see the dentist? How often should you get your cleanings and exams? The answer to the first question is probably more than you do. The answer to the second question is “ask the dentist.”

The first time your child should see the dentist is within six months of the first tooth and before his or her first birthday. But after that initial visit, when should you schedule your regular appointments? Most people will say believe that they should see our dentists, Dr. John Lohner every six months. While six months is a good guideline, it does not apply to everyone. Every person’s mouth is different, as is each person’s oral health. Depending on the condition of your mouth and teeth, the dentist may want to see you more often than every six months. Or you may need to come in on a less frequent basis. Often as people age, they may need to see the dentist more frequently than when they were younger. Whatever the case may be for you, the dentist will tell you how often you should come in.

But outside of your cleanings and exams, when should you schedule an appointment at Lexington Heights Dental? Actually, there are many times when a call to the dentist may be in order.

For example, any time you notice pain anywhere in your teeth or mouth, you should make an appointment with the dentist. If your gums bleed when you brush floss or eat, your dentist should know. You need to see the dentist any time you notice a change in the texture, or color of your teeth, tongue or soft tissues of your mouth. If you experience a bad or new taste or odor in your mouth, contact the dentist. If you have having trouble eating, swallowing, or speaking effectively, it’s a good idea to talk to the dentist. Jaw pain is another good indicator that it is time for a dental appointment. Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Do you think you might be? Now is the time to see the dentist since getting a cleaning and exam before or early in your pregnancy will allow the dentist to detect and address any problems before the baby comes.

Your oral and overall health are very closely related, and one often affects the other. Because of that, any time you are diagnosed with a disease or other medical condition, you should have your doctor talk with your dentist. Any time you start or change your medication, including vitamin or herbal supplements your dentist should know.

Are you overdue for your cleaning and exam? Do you need to bring your dentist up to speed on any developments with your oral health or your health in general? If so, we would be happy to see you. If you would like to make a dental appointment in Cedar Hills, Utah, call phone today and we’ll schedule your visit.