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Because of the fact that TMJ disorders can severely impair your oral health, it is important to understand the causes of a TMJ disorder, and what your treatments are available to help alleviate pain associated with it and strengthen your draw for a future recovery.

If you have suffered any damage to your teeth as a result of TMJ, it is important to understand what could potentially have caused it. Underlying conditions such as bruxism, your dietary choices, arthritis, dislocations and misalignments with your teeth and jaw can often lead to TMJ disorders. However, if your TMJs are damaged, they will need to be treated properly. This can include heat and ice packs for alleviating any pain or minimizing swelling, as well as yoga and biofeedback to help reduce stress. Furthermore, implement healthy exercises that strengthen your jaw with several practice techniques. Lastly, you can visit your dentist for night guards and bite plates as they are extremely effective oral appliances to improve your smile.

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