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Patients who have an excess amount of gum tissue may see less of their teeth, which affects the look of their smiles as well as complicates the placement of dental restorations on these teeth. Crown lengthening is a gum surgery to remove excess gum tissue and reshape your smile, and we offer further information on the procedure.

If you have not heard of crown lengthening, it is a periodontal surgical procedure to trim away excess gum tissue, uncovering more of the teeth and providing more space to place dental crowns and bridges.

Prior to performing surgery, our team at Lexington Heights Dental may schedule a few preparatory appointments to obtain dental X-rays and better understand your medical history so that we can determine if this procedure is optimal for your oral health. You may also need to receive a teeth cleaning prior to the periodontal surgery.

Prior to beginning the procedure, we provide anesthesia if needed to ensure you are fully comfortable and at ease, and then our dentists re-contours the shape of the gum line to uncover your smile for functional or aesthetic purposes.

Recovery may last a few weeks, and we can provide instructions on taking a pain reliever, eating a soft diet and cleaning your smile while your gums heal. Any swelling can be reduced with the routine use of an ice pack on the outer cheek. You may need to visit periodically during this time for follow-up appointments while we monitor your gums and ensure the healing is progressing well.

We invite you to contact Lexington Heights Dental at 801-756-2006 today if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. John R. Lohner or Dr. James “Jimmer” C. Standring to discuss crown lengthening in Cedar Hills, Utah.