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Tooth hazards are often present in our diet. For this reason, is always important exercise caution with all products we consume. Not only can foods and drinks damage your smile, but so too can habits used to eat them. Thus, never use your teeth for opening products or for any tasks which they are not meant to be used for.

Exercise caution with your diet at all times. Be aware that sticky and chewy sweets such as gummy candies can increase your risk for tooth decay as products can linger on your mouth long after eating them. In addition, sports drinks, fruit juice, soda, and potato chips all increase your risk for sugars and starches which can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth by plaque and bacteria. These harmful acids can they chew through tooth enamel. Also, avoid ever opening stuff with your teeth including product packaging and bottle caps as this can severely damage your smile. Another comment tooth hazard exists in the form of constantly snacking through the day.

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