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Are you aware of the advantages of dentures? Not only can they give you back the functionality of your teeth, but they can also improve your self-esteem. Dentures come in an assortment of styles, including partial dentures, which are used to fill in gaps left behind by a few missing teeth, or complete dentures, which can give you an entirely new set of pearly whites.

Even though dentures are not your natural teeth, cleaning them is still necessary. Dentures should be taken out every single night to soak in a solution. If you use a denture cleanser other than water, make sure to rinse it off before putting your dentures back into your mouth. Never let your dentures dry out because doing so can cause them to warp.

If you wish to brush your teeth, normal toothpaste may be too abrasive for the materials in your dentures. Try to look for a product that is approved for use on dentures, and avoid using teeth whitening systems, hot water, bleach products, or any other products that could potentially damage, stain, or crack your dentures.

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