At Lexington Heights Dental, we believe that every patient’s smile requires individualized attention and customized care. Our passion to provide services that can be tailored to fulfill each patient’s individual dental needs is evident by the variety of restorative dentistry treatments we offer. Our dentists, Dr. Lohner and Dr. Jimmer, and our team craft treatment plans that are ideal for each case and take into account a patient’s medical history, cosmetic and aesthetic goals, and healthcare objectives. Not only do we want to enhance the beauty of your teeth with our restorative dentistry in Cedar Hills, Utah, we want to improve the functionality and health of your smile.

Preserving the health of your smile and protecting the structural integrity of your teeth is essential to your oral health. To learn more about the variety of restorative dentistry procedures we offer at our American Fork-, Lehi- and Orem-area dental practice, contact Lexington Heights Dental. Let Dr. Lohner and Dr. Jimmer help you rebuild the framework of your smile and transform your self-esteem.