Snoring Treatment

Do you or your loved one struggle with snoring issues that disrupt your sleep? At Lexington Heights Dental, we are committed to offering effective solutions for snoring, including both traditional treatments and innovative laser snoring treatments. Our aim is to identify and address the root causes of snoring, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone.

Tailored Snoring Treatments for Better Sleep

Understanding that snoring often arises from airflow obstructions, our dentists and team conduct comprehensive evaluations to pinpoint the specific causes in each case. Depending on your unique needs, we provide two primary treatment options:

  1. Regular Snoring Treatment: Utilizing oral appliances or mouthguards, we aim to adjust the jaw or tongue position to reduce airway obstruction during sleep.
  2. Advanced Laser Snoring Treatment: For a more high-tech approach, we offer laser treatment, which gently tightens the soft palate, minimizing the vibrations that cause snoring. This innovative, minimally invasive procedure is quick, with little discomfort and recovery time.

Benefits of Snoring Treatment

  • Improved Sleep Quality: Effective snoring management ensures a better night’s sleep for both you and your sleeping partner.
  • Healthier Sleep Habits: Treating snoring can also decrease the likelihood of sleep apnea and its associated health risks.
  • Comfortable and Non-Invasive Treatment Options: Our treatments are designed to be as comfortable and non-invasive as possible, providing ease and convenience.

Take the First Step Towards a Quiet Night

Do not let snoring disrupt your life any longer. Contact us at 801-756-2006 to schedule a consultation with Dr. John Lohner, Dr. James Standring, or Dr. Latecia Miller. Let us help you and your loved ones enjoy a restful, quiet sleep with our tailored snoring treatments in Cedar Hills, Utah.

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