IV Sedation

Does the thought of undergoing dental procedures make you anxious or uneasy? At Lexington Heights Dental, we offer IV sedation to ensure a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience. This advanced sedation technique is perfect for those who feel nervous about dental visits or need to undergo extensive procedures.

Understanding IV Sedation

IV sedation involves administering a sedative drug through a vein, allowing it to work more quickly and efficiently. This form of sedation allows you to remain conscious but in a deeply relaxed state, so you will have little memory of the procedure afterward. It is an ideal option for patients with significant dental anxiety, those undergoing lengthy or complex dental treatments and individuals with a low tolerance for pain.

How IV Sedation Works

During your appointment, our trained dentists will administer the IV sedation, closely monitoring your vital signs and comfort throughout the procedure. We tailor the sedation level to your specific needs, ensuring a safe and stress-free experience.

Benefits of IV Sedation

  • Rapid Onset: IV sedation works quickly, helping you relax almost immediately.
  • Adjustable Sedation Levels: The level of sedation can be adjusted in real-time for optimal comfort.
  • Reduced Anxiety and Discomfort: Significantly diminishes fear and discomfort associated with dental procedures.
  • Amnesia Effect: You may have little to no memory of the procedure, making it ideal for those with dental phobias.
  • Safety: Continuously monitored by our experienced dental team for a safe experience.

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