Are you tired of your dentures falling out every time you speak, eat or laugh? We understand how embarrassing slipping dentures can be, as well as how uncomfortable they can be to wear. It is for this reason that Dr. Lohner offers custom-crafted, comfortable and durable dentures that hug the contour of your gums, lending you the reliable support you and your smile need. Our dentures are designed with your dental needs in mind, and we take into account all of your facial features so your brand-new smile will enhance the beauty of the rest of your features rather than overpower them. For a no-slip, tight-grip solution to ill-fitting dentures, contact Dr. Lohner and Dr. Jimmer today.


Type of Dentures

Each mouth is different, which is why we not only customize dentures at Lexington Heights Dental to fit well in your mouth but also offer the types of denture that best suits your needs. Some of the most common kinds of dentures include:

  • Partial dentures: These restorations are used if you are only missing a few of your teeth. Partials fasten to the natural teeth in your mouth with a metal framework.
  • Full dentures: These dentures are used if you are missing all of your teeth. The upper arch suctions to the roof of your mouth while the lower arch is a horseshoe shape that rests where your natural teeth used to sit.


There are several different types of full dentures, including:

  • Conventional dentures: These dentures are not used until several months after tooth extractions when you mouth has finally healed and stopped changing shape.
  • Immediate dentures: These dentures can be used immediately after tooth extractions, but they may need adjustment or replacement in the future after your mouth changes shape.
  • Implant-supported dentures: These dentures snap over dental implants that are placed in your jawbone to give them stability as you eat and speak.


Benefits of Wearing Dentures

If you are missing most or all of your teeth, you will find that dentures can significantly improve your lifestyle by providing some of the following benefits:

  • They give you back your smile.
  • You will be able to eat and speak with ease and confidence once again.
  • They support your facial tissues so your face will have a fuller, younger appearance.


Contact Us If You Want to Receive Dentures

Ourdentists can give you back your smile when you visit us for dentures in Cedar Hills, Utah. We are happy to also serve patients from throughout the neighboring areas, including Lehi, Alpine, Orem, and Highland, Utah. Call our team today if you want to schedule an appointment for these tooth replacements.