Endodontic treatment, commonly known as root canal therapy, is one of the most commonly performed dental treatments. If administered early enough, endodontics can prevent the need for dental implants or bridges by saving your natural teeth. Because our team cares about helping you preserve the health and beauty of your smile, we offer a wide variety of treatments to correct dental complications in a safe and effective manner. Endodontics refers to the treatment of your tooth pulp and the tissue that surrounds the tooth’s root. Throughout the center of your tooth is pulp. Pulp consists of blood vessels that stretch throughout the tooth. Due to trauma, deep dental decay or structural imparities, your pulp can become infected. Although 95% of the root canals we perform are completed in one appointment, root canal therapy may take more than one appointment to complete. If you have been experiencing tooth swelling, gum swelling, heightened tooth sensitivity or unrelenting pain, you may be in need of endodontic treatment at our American Fork and Orem restorative dentistry practice.

Symptoms of an Infected Tooth

Because infection develops in the inner tooth tissues, it may be difficult to tell if you have a problem that requires root canal treatment at Lexington Heights Dental. However, there are a few symptoms you can keep an eye out for, including:

  • Tooth sensitivity or pain, especially when you bite down
  • Severe or persistent toothache
  • Swelling
  • Oozing in your mouth
  • Fever


An In-Depth Look at the Procedure

Our experienced dentists and team need to remove the infected tooth tissues in order to give your mouth a chance to heal. The root canal treatment may go something like this:

  • We begin by injecting a local anesthetic so you feel comfortable during the procedure.
  • We will expose the pulp tissue and remove it from your tooth.
  • We will clean the inner surfaces of your tooth.
  • We will fill your tooth with medicated materials.
  • We will restore tooth structure with a durable, natural-looking dental crown.


Contact Us If You Need Root Canal Treatment

Dr. Lohner and Dr. Jimmer can heal your smile of infection when we perform a root canal in Cedar Hills, Utah. We are glad to also welcome patients from the nearby communities, including Pleasant Grove, Lehi, Orem, American Fork and Alpine, Utah. Call our office today if you think that you need to receive this treatment.