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Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition, often resulting in breathing interruption and chronic snoring issues while sleeping. Not only does it affect sleep quality, but it can also have a serious negative impact on your quality of life. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available. The right one for you might vary depending on the severity of your sleep apnea symptoms and other factors.

If you suffer from severe sleep apnea issues, you might need to use a CPAP machine to effectively treat your breathing interruption issues. If you only suffer from minor-to-moderate sleep apnea symptoms, your dentist, Dr. John Lohner, can prescribe a quality snore guard in Cedar Hills, Utah.

A tongue stabilizing device is a form of snore guard that is ideal for denture wearers with moderate sleep apnea. The snore guard doesn’t need to attach to the teeth in any way. It helps hold your tongue and soft palate in position to mitigate snoring and improve air flow.

You should clean the snore guard each morning by brushing it with denture polish to remove bacteria and plaque. You can also brush your tongue to clean away bacteria and freshen your breath. Make sure to thoroughly dry the snore guard with a clean paper towel and store it in the case provided.

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